At Lehmann Creative Studio, we understand that no two projects or clients are alike. We approach each design opportunity with an open mind and a fresh perspective. Taking the time to talk and learn from you not only helps us to guide and mold the experience to suit your expectations, but it also starts us on the journey of connection and trust that is so important to the design process.

Initial consult

First things first. We meet for an initial consultation to see your spaces. We discuss design aesthetics, challenges, needs and wants, and expectations. An email recap follows with a client agreement and design deep dive questionnaire.

Budget and space planning

We find that sometimes these steps go hand in hand and sometimes they run independently from each other. No matter your specific scenario, the budget is a very important step in guiding our process. It is the key that allows us to hone in on the overall approach. We break a space down by each potential new item to be proposed and assign a value to it. From here we work with you to adjust the budget as necessary to a place you feel comfortable with so we can move forward. We then work to layout your space with potential furniture plan suggestions taking into consideration, flow, function, and overall feel.

Design development

Once a plan has been decided, the team starts the creative brainstorming process of how to make your space unique and achieve your design goals. We develop design schemes that are beautiful, functional, and above all tackle your biggest needs and wants. We source (or make) the highest quality items that the budget will allow and pull everything together for a cohesive look.


Once the design process has been fleshed out we meet to present our creative vision to you. We bring multiple design schemes to the table to allow you the option to choose your own adventure. We present pictures, samples, and sketches to illustrate our vision.


Once decisions have been made, the team hustles to get formal quotes together and you are presented with a proposal for all items. The proposal is paid to Lehmann Creative Studio and items are ordered. Depending on the size of your project multiple proposals might be in order. We like to tackle main items such as any construction, furniture, lighting, and rugs to narrow down the aesthetic direction and then will follow up with smaller considerations such as art and accessories.


Once all items have been received LCS comes in with their team of reputable installers to carry out the tasks needed to complete the room. Furniture will be delivered, window treatments hung, rugs laid, and all art and accessories placed. It truly is a magical and exciting day for both our team and our clients.

Final Invoicing

Once all items have been placed and the project or phase of the project is complete, a final invoice will be sent for items purchased. Many times there are slight changes in the proposed costs of items and the actual. Things such as sales, discounts, and shipping can alter the actual cost of an item. At Lehmann Creative Studio, transparency is important. We always want you to know where your money is going. There are no hidden fees. We value honesty and openness throughout the entire process.

Our Values

Be clear and transparent

The design process is not a magic black box. You should be involved in every step of the process. We always let you know where your money is going, and we never have hidden fees or markups. At the end of a project, the only thing that should surprise you is how much you love your new space.

Listen and connect

Developing a personal connection with you is essential to our process. We spend time listening to you, learning your likes and dislikes, and understanding how you use your space. This knowledge helps us design uniquely for you.

We also value your openness and honesty. It’s important that you’re candid about your budget and if you like or dislike something. Although we bring our expertise to the table, you’ll be the one living or working in the space after we’re done, and we want you to truly love it.

Create beyond the ordinary

While there are many products on the market already, we believe you shouldn’t be limited to what you can find online. We can create unique art and design for your home that you won’t find anywhere else.

No space (or question) is too small

You have a unique connection to your space. At Lehmann Creative Studio, we don’t want anyone to feel intimidated about design or working with a designer. Instead, we respect that everyone will approach this process differently. That’s why we’ve customized our packages to fit your needs.

Let’s build something together.

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